INfORM Investigator Competition 2020: A Virtual Event, March 2021


  1. Review Award Description for statement of purpose for the awards.
  2. Download the judging form.
  3. Click and view the presentation by each applicant.
  4. For each Candidate, complete the judging form: enter requested text information for “Judge” and for “Candidate”, indicate scores via use of highlighter option in Word, compute summary scores, and provide responses to the bottom two sections.
  5. The text information in the bottom two sections from all 3 judges will be anonymously integrated and returned to the Candidate as constructive feedback.The Competition should be equally helpful for all Candidates.
  6. Please submit the full set of 7 judging forms to Michail Koutris at no later than 5p EDT // 10p GMT, Friday, March 19.

Award description
Judging form


Predoctoral Category (IADR INfORM Samuel F Dworkin Predoctoral Award)

Beth Groenke (United States)

István Somoskövi (Hungary)

Juan Fernando Oyarzo Sardiña (Chile)


Postdoctoral Category (IADR INfORM Barry J Sessle Postdoctoral Award)

Carolina Roldan (Germany)

Rosaria Bucci (Italy)

Simple Kothari (Denmark)

Yeon-Hee Lee (Republic of Korea)